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Early Years Foundation Stage

(Age: 3 to 5 years old)

Our curriculum is fully aligned with the Cambridge International Framework, and it offers an enriched Arabic program. It provides all pupils with a skilful learning journey conducted by a caring, fostering dedicated, qualified, and professional educational team. 

Children are blessed with the ability to learn and the desire to do so. They constantly pursue opportunities to communicate with others and the environment around them.  However, growth is not a one-way path. It is contingent on each child’s ability to connect through positive interactions and in supportive environments.

  • Communication and language

  •  Physical development.

  •  Personal, social, and emotional development.

  •  Literacy.

  •  Mathematics.

  •  Understanding the World.

  •  Expressive Arts and Design

We here at Aspire International School believe that a pupil’s interactions with others and their environment – including playing and exploring, active learning, creating, and critical thinking – underpin learning and development in all areas and help the child become an effective and motivated learner. A pupils’ skills evolve as a result of enriched connections, collaborative learning opportunities, development of essential skills, and meaningful experiences. Essential skills and knowledge sprout from the primary domains and function as critical learning contexts. Therefore, here at Aspire International School we focus and value these ATL.
Assessments at Aspire International School are a daily, continuing process in which students and teachers observe, document, measure, and report on their individual learning journey. It is not a one-time event that occurs before or after a lesson or unit, but rather it is continuously incorporated into the learning process at all levels.
At Aspire International School, we believe that every student is unique and special. That is why we always make a concerted effort to understand students' past knowledge, strengths, weaknesses, and skill levels in order to maximise each student's potential. Our differentiation method of teaching enables students with a variety of academic requirements and learning styles to master the same challenging academic content. We provide interconnected activities based on student needs in order to ensure that all students have a consistent understanding of a skill or concept. Our differentiation method enables students to exhibit their knowledge in a range of ways.

How To Let Your Child Study At Aspire?

Let your child attend Aspire International School to help your child develop comprehensively in all aspects.