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Aspire International School is academically selective. For us the most important aspects of teaching and learning are the qualifications and teaching experience of the staff. They are recruited from the best maintained and private sectors in the Education field. What matters is teaching from the heart!

The teaching staff receive regular in-service training from experts in the field of education, educational psychology, curriculum planning, and teaching instructions. The school's objectives are exceptionally and clearly reflected in all aspects. Aspire follows the Cambridge Framework which is aligned with the UK National Curriculum and the statutory Framework.
The Aspire team is delighted to see parents by appointment during the academic school term. This is so parents can see the school in full operation. In addition to the tour, parents will have the opportunity to have a 20 minutes meeting with the school heads and/or principal. Parents are kindly requested to contact the school in advance to arrange a visit. A tour can be booked through our website.

The Aspire admission team is always available to support and assist by providing all the needed details. Q&A sessions may take place through Teams.
Students are selected and recruited as per their abilities and their potential. We are totally aware that pupils come from different backgrounds, nationalities, and schools which may cause some concerns and worries. Hence, we offer ESL provision within the school through differentiation inside the classroom and through the Academic Support Unit (ASU), during the school day. Pupils who need additional help can use professional guidance from the school’s Academic Support unit.
- Regular parents’ meetings, learning outcomes, and individual consultation on academic progress and learning reflections.

- Individual appointments with the teacher, Head of Stage, or Principal
may be made throughout the academic year.

- Regular communication through emails and newsletters.

- Regular feedback through the school management system, Firefly, regarding behaviour, tasks, and announcements.

- Parents’ Handbook, which includes the school policies and curriculum descriptions and is annually updated on the school’s LMS: Firefly.

- Parents workshops and events

- School Surveys
Pupils are recruited as per the announced age of admittance by the MOE, at the beginning of October. Pupils are assessed based on their age. For social and emotional reasons, we work hard to ensure that they are in a class in accordance with their chronological age. However, the principal makes the final decision on all student admissions in alignment with the school aims and objectives.
Parents are requested to drop their children at the designated gates.

EYFS pupils to be dropped and picked up from gate 2. KS pupils to be dropped and picked up from gate 4. [Gates number may change as per the school development].

All students must wear their digital ID wristband to safely check-in and out of the school.

In case, another parent or a family member or a driver is delegated from the legal guardian to pick up the pupil(s) from the school, both the PLO, front desk, and head of stage are to be notified. Along with a written consent with the person's name and a copy of their national ID card must be sent to the concerned departments stated above. Students are to be picked up from the reception if not picked by the legal guardians (mother or father). Only parents are allowed into school buildings.
All faiths are equally respected. The basis of all religions are ethics, morals, and values which we focus on since EYFS. Students develop important life values through activities, songs, and drama. Starting from the Key Stage students follow the MOE developed curriculum which is complemented by the educational values starting from Year 3.
Yes! Providing the future school has available places and the student passed whatever assessment procedures that the school may have. The massive advantage of a British Curriculum education is that it is both portable and widely acclaimed. Further information on the advantages of choosing a British-based education for your child is available through our website We recommend that transfers be avoided in the middle of the school year to ensure the constructive learning and psychological/educational stability of your child.

How To Let Your Child Study At Aspire?

Let your child attend Aspire International School to help your child develop comprehensively in all aspects.