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Aspire International school is a British international educational institute which offers a British education as per the Cambridge qualifications and standards.

The objective of this following policy is to define the philosophy and the steps of the admission process at the school. The school caters equal chances for all applying students as well as multiculturalism. No discrimination is allowed in the school process under any specific characteristics.

The school functions as per a specific vision, mission and values, which when combined offer the school’s expectations when recruiting students.

It is important to highlight that learning differences are most of the times temporary and can often be worked with or around. At all times, it is important to ensure that any decision taken by the school is supported by the parents.

At Aspire school, we aspire to inspire!


Admission starts by filling an application online through the admission department, application are filled directly on the system whether online or through the school system on campus – No application are filled in writing except in case of system down or technical problems –  (an assessment fees will be applicable with the application). Filling the application follows the parents full knowledge of the school scope, mission, vision and educational perspective and occur via a meeting with parents (face to face meeting/Q&A) to discuss and provide information about the school educational values with the provision of the school vision and to make sure the joining parents are fully aware of the school’s expectations and ensure it is meeting with parents’ requirements and expectations too. The purpose is to agree on mutual support, coherence and partnership between the two parties. A school tour is planned to ensure parents are aware of what the school is offering through its premises and how well furnished and equipped it is to serve the educational, social, physical and cognitive purposes.

Parents will be visiting the school on:

Sundays & Mondays from 09:00 am – 12:00 pm

Tuesday from 09:00 am – 14:00 pm

Wednesdays & Thursdays from 12:00 pm – 14:00 pm

Upon filling the application, parents are required to provide official documents required by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Documents are provided to the students’ affairs officer, (documents list attached), students data is to be registered on the school SMS maximum two days of completion of the student’s file.

No student will be allowed to attend in class while official and legal documents are not submitted with application by parents.

Assessment notification will be communicated to the financial department via the Odoo system; invoice will be published by the financial department and parents are advised to attend the assessment on campus.

Admission team will ensure all required documents are in the student’s file (parents’ IDs (copies), BC (originals), 6 personal photos, parents’ credentials – previous report are pending the recruitment time, but to be completed ongoing).

Student affairs are to ensure file is completed with transfers papers and previous reports before school start. In case transfer papers are not completed or refuted by previous school, student cannot complete the recruitment process at Aspire and bot assessment and registration fess will be considered as non-refundable, terms and conditions apply on the paid installment(s).

Following to this, parents are contacted within one week – 10 days’ maximum depending on the flow of admissions, for an assessment based on age group requirements. Where assessments are involved both a language test and math test will be required. In some cases, a reassessment might be required.

Admission assessments are the responsibility and are managed, planned and handed by the Head of years/Stage Heads as per relevant stages.

Parents are informed of assessment results maximum a week of the assessment date, via email. An analytical report is produced signed by the head of years/stages.

Upon issuance of testing results, a parents’ interview is set with the admission head (Nermine Hamdi) as the final step of acceptance, parents are contacted via email and through a call. Following to that parents are required to fulfill the payment of the registration fees, within 10 days’ maximum.

1st installment will be due 15 days of the registration payment.

A protocol meeting with the school principal is planned and set individually or in group, on campus or virtually.

In case the student’s level of attainment is minimum in a specific area, then a corrective plan will be agreed on and an IEP will be developed to cover areas of weaknesses.

Admission to a particular grade is based on the student age at beginning of October as per MOE requirements. Student distribution in classes is based on students’ abilities and classroom capacity.

Parents are to provide the admission department with the previous year school reports, to be emailed in case of school closure for force majeure. If transfer is taking place during a current academic year, then first term report is to be provided.

All students’ files are to be archived after completion of the process and fulfillment of all required document with the students’ affairs officer (Ms. Eman Youssef)

In case of school closures, during an ongoing academic year (like the case due to COVID-19), first term reports are to be provided as well as previous academic year school reports.

A behavior report from previous school is required at all cases.

A student may be placed on a lower grade level, upon request of the parents and as agreed on and consented with Aspire International School. (a written consent will be signed by parents)

Necessary MOE documentation are to be provided as per the ministry requirements.

In case of non-Egyptian nationalities enrolling to the school, specific documentation will be required upon applying to the school. List to be provided by the students’ affairs. 

Partnership with Aspire

Aspire International School sets high behavioral standards aligned with the MOE behavior policy. At any time, during the admission process, any child or parents displaying any behavior conflicting with the school’s set behavior standards, will lead to the discontinuation of  admission process and the student will not be recruited.

Any specific learning difference will not affect the admission result from the school, no discrimination will be tolerated for any learning differences. On the other hand, any non-disclosure of known issues is considered a break of the admission policy honesty and will break the partnership between the parents and school. It will also raise difficulties in allowing the school to choose appropriate intervention as well as suitable teaching and behavior management strategies.

The school will have the right to discontinue any child’s enrollment to the school if known issues are not reported during the admission process. Maintaining a high level of honesty is in the benefit of the student, parents, and school community.

How To Let Your Child Study At Aspire?

Let your child attend Aspire International School to help your child develop comprehensively in all aspects.