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February 14, 2024

Aspire’ IGCSE Guidebook 2024/2025

Aspire International School is proud to announce the release of our new IGCSE Guidebook for the 2024/2025 academic year. This guidebook is designed to provide parents and students with all the necessary information to navigate the IGCSE curriculum successfully.
It includes detailed descriptions of the subjects offered at our school, including the core and optional subjects. Each subject section outlines the curriculum content, assessment methods, and the skills students will develop. We are also excited to introduce our team of experienced instructors who are dedicated to providing high-quality education and support to our students.
  • English – Dr Adham Omar
  • Economics & Business – Dr. Sharif Kamel
  • Accounting – Dr. Yehia El-Kholy
  • Math OL/A.L – Dr. Khaled Rateb
  • Math – Helmy Sherif / Rana Rateb
  • Physics – Dr. Hussein Khaled / Dr. Loay Khalil
  • Chemistry – Dr. Momen Fadl / Dr. Shehad Said
  • Biology – Dr. Karim Rashad / Dr. Aly Wael
  • Combined Sciences – Dr. Inas Ammar / Dr. Shehab Said / Dr. Dina Ammar
  • Sociology and Environmental Management – Ms. Sally Mahfouz
  • ICT – Mr. Mostafa Mahdy
  • Computer Science – Mr. Maged Wageh
  • Arabic – Shoukry A. Latif
  • German – Mohamed Soliman
  • French – Ferihan Sami

The guidebook contains profiles of each instructor, highlighting their qualifications, teaching philosophy, and the subjects they specialize in.

Furthermore, the guidebook provides comprehensive information on subject specifications and exam boards. This includes the syllabus for each subject, the format of the examinations, and the grading criteria. This information is crucial for students and parents to understand the academic standards and expectations of the IGCSE program.

For students aspiring to study abroad for university, our guidebook offers guidance on the requirements and preparation needed. This section covers the prerequisites for various international universities, advice on the application process, and tips for securing scholarships and financial aid.

We believe this guidebook will be an invaluable resource for our students and their families, helping them make informed decisions and prepare effectively for the IGCSE examinations. Copies of the guidebook are available for download on our school website and can be obtained in print form from the school office.

We encourage all parents and students to review this guidebook and reach out to our admissions team with any questions or concerns at admissions@aspireschool.org. Together, we look forward to a successful and enriching academic year ahead.